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Our fleet

We offer short-term and long-term car rental within the territory of the Slovak Republic. Vehicles can be delivered within the Slovak Republic at the request of our clients; current charges apply. Through regular maintenance and a thorough inspection prior to your rental, we guarantee that vehicles rented from our company will fully meet your expectations.

In addition, you receive:

  • A ready-to-drive vehicle with full fuel tank
  • A motorway sticker valid within the Slovak Republic
  • Compulsory vehicle insurance policies
  • Collision insurance
  • Individual services tailored to your needs

Passanger transport

Within the scope of offering complete service, our company can also provide a rental car with a driver. We can provide you with transport from the airport to your hotel, or to the bus or railway station. We will transport you to the airports in Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Bratislava or Košice, and you will not be charged for the transport of your baggage.

Fleet managment

We also offer you the complete management of your fleet. This includes resolving all issues related to the operation of your cars, regular service checks, professional servicing, the settling of insured events, handling of repairs, the provision of replacement cars, of used vehicles and arrangement of new vehicle purchases.

Operative leasing

Operative leasing is part of our current offer of services. Compared to traditional financial leasing, it offers numerous advantages and solutions to troubles associated with the operation of your car.

Advantages of operative leasing:

  • no down payment required
  • simple administration
  • we will help you with the selection and purchase of vehicles
  • we will perform all administrative duties associated with ordering and putting your vehicle into operation – we can ensure immediate mobility through use of a replacement vehicle provided for the duration of the delivery period
  • payment of all fees – motorway sticker, road tax, radio licence, green card
  • regular maintenance at authorised service agents
  • tracking of costs associated with vehicle maintenance and operation
  • summer and winter tyre rotation
  • on request, we can provide CCS cards for refuelling
  • settlement of insured events and handling of repairs
  • if required, provision of a replacement vehicle of the same category
  • sales of used vehicles

Our offer represents full administrative support for your fleet for a period of 12, 24, 36 or 48 months. After the expiry of the selected period, it is possible to simply exchange a vehicle for a new one, return it or buy it.


We offer consultations on resolving problems associated with changes to a vehicle registration at the road traffic inspectorate.

We offer consultations on the preparation of vehicles for roadworthiness (STK) and emissions (EK) tests.

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